Swede – Flower Power Masažno olje Soothing


Doživite polno moč matere narave s to novo linijo aroma terapije iz Švedske. Flower Power olje za masažo je popolno ravnovesje med gladkim, dolgotrajnim mazanjem in nežnim trenjem, ki varčuje mišice. Rezultat je počasna, čutna in sproščujoča masaža.

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Experience the full power of Mother Nature with this new Aroma Therapy line from Swede. Flower Power Massage Oil is the perfect balance between smooth long lasting lubrication and gentle muscle-saving friction. This results in a slow, sensual and relaxing massage.

The luxurious massage base is a ground breaking professional formula that includes several exclusive vegetable oils such as Jojoba, Macadamia Nut and Hemp Seed Oil. Pure Silicone ensures long lasting lubrication and a silky skin feel. Other ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E improve skin nurturing capabilities.

The massage base is then enriched with a mixture of Pure Essential oils, many of them with known aphrodisiac effects and others which exert different positive influences on the human body and soul.

The formula is also more highly viscous than conventional massage oils, making it easier to handle and encourage a slower massage with less need for muscular force.

With their elegant, sexy and adventurous artwork these products are sure to appeal to your customers!

150 ml

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